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Office for Translational Research


Intelligent stethoscope


Defining the need and the care pathways

  • To automatically detect heart murmurs to facilitate early diagnosis of heart valve disease.
  • The condition affects nearly 2% of the adult population. GP's accuracy is about 75%.
  • Two-thirds of the referral physician's recommendations for echocardiograms do not result in any follow-up.
  • Lowering the significant cost to the health care system.                  

Defining the innovation

  • Develop a new artificial intelligence system capable of detecting the underlying pathology and its severity.

Defining the route to market

  • The team filed a patent for the software.            
  • Marketing options: 
    • License the AI software to existing stethoscope manufacturers
    • Making a portable stethoscope for domestic use.     

Defining the strategy

To refine the AI system, a large amount of sound recordings associated with echocardiogram data is needed to link the pathology and severity of the disease with the sound recording in a clinical setting. The funding application - MRC DPFS - was successful.