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Office for Translational Research


Dr Anita Marguerie de Rotrou  
Dr Marguerie de Rotrou is Head of OTR. With a PhD in developmental biology (UCL), a postdoc at Cancer Research UK, experience in cell biology and several years in the regenerative field, she has worked on numerous projects in biotech companies at operational, management and scientific levels. Her expertise includes: setting up labs, teams and operations from scratch, technology transfer and exploitation, product development, production and drug discovery. In addition, she has experience of helping companies and academics raise funding from the EU, government and private sectors. She joined the OTR in 2015 and was appointed as Head two years later. Email:; tel: 01223 335650








Dr Estelle Bernard-Fichet 
Dr Bernard-Fichet is Translational Research Programme Manager. After being awarded a PhD in Electrochemistry applied to Biotechnology from UCL and a post-doctoral position at the former Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, she gained a 10-year-strong experience in MedTech industry. She worked at two multinationals companies: Unipath Ltd (now SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH) and Philips Corporate Innovation. Her work extended across a variety of functions in R&D, from science-based innovation ideation to proof of concept product. She developed innovative diagnostics tools for women’s health, cardiac, sleep and oral healthcare applications. She is also experienced in understanding market needs and running clinical trials for medical devices. She joined the OTR in April 2018 and her role is to support University and NHS scientists in translating their biomedical science innovations into healthcare applications through structuring and managing both collaborative projects with industry and publicly funded translational research projects. Email:; tel: 01223 760004








Dr Alex Samoshkin
Dr Samoshkin is Translational Technology Manager. He is an experienced scientist with a strong background in biochemistry and genetics. He has been a Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) after working in different world-class biomedical cancer research laboratories (NICHD and NCI, NIH, USA), neuroscience biology (UNC, Chapel Hill, USA) and cell biology (Institute of Cytology RAS, Russia where he obtained his PhD in 2006). He has extensive experience working with academics, scientists and biotech companies, setting up labs and core facilities. He joined the OTR in 2017 and he is managing translational research activities within the Cambridge University Health Partners initiative and with industrial partners. Email:; tel: 01223 336802


Dr Nicola White
Dr White is a Translational Programme Manager in the OTR, primarily looking after the Experimental Medicine Training Initiative and the Cambridge-Sunway Collaboration. She has first-hand experience of working collaboratively with and within academia and industry having previously worked in genetics research at GlaxoSmithKline and as a programme director delivering postgraduate research and education in clinical research at Cranfield University. Nicola’s current role draws extensively on her previous experience and she is happy to speak to anyone who would like further information on either of her current programmes. Email:; tel: 01223 748089








Ms Ewa Czekaj
Ms Czekaj is Assistant Project Manager/Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead. She manages the AIM HY Consortium and co-ordinates PPI and PPE activities of the OTR’s projects. Previously, Ewa was providing administrative support for all members of OTR, managing websites, as well as taking care of the logistics for a portfolio of projects run by the OTR. She was also responsible for organising meetings and arranging events related to industry and academic collaborations. Email:; tel: 01223 760734



Office for Translational Research

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