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Office for Translational Research


Dr Anita Marguerie de Rotrou  
Dr Marguerie de Rotrou is Head of the OTR, strategically setting the vision of the OTR with stakeholders, managing the team and advising on how to handle difficult cases. Anita has oversight of the overall project portfolio handled by the office and leads trouble-shooting where necessary. With a PhD in developmental biology (UCL), a postdoc at Cancer Research UK, 10 years’ experience in SMEs at operational, management and scientific levels, her expertise notably includes: setting up start-ups from scratch, product development, fund raising from investors, government, EU, public and private sectors. She joined the OTR in 2015 and was appointed as Head two years later. Email:; tel: 01223 335650


Dr Alex Samoshkin
After defending his PhD in 2006; Alex has worked in four different world class biomedical research laboratories, in cancer (at the NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA) and neuroscience biology (UNC, Chapel Hill, USA and McGill University, Montreal, Canada), where he mastered multidisciplinary projects on basic, translational and drug discovery sciences.  Alex moved to Cambridge in 2017 as a Translational Technology Manager, and currently works in the new Greater Cambridge Health Tech Connect UEZ initiative.  The main purpose of this initiative is to connect West (Physical Sciences and Technology) and South (Biomedical) hubs, bringing together a community with stakeholders from the Univesity, Research Institutes, NHS, industry, investors, government and beyond.  Email:; tel: 01223 336802


Dr Nicola White
Dr White is a Translational Programme Manager in the OTR, primarily looking after the Experimental Medicine Training Initiative and the Cambridge-Sunway Collaboration. She has first-hand experience of working collaboratively with and within academia and industry having previously worked in genetics research at GlaxoSmithKline and as a programme director delivering postgraduate research and education in clinical research at Cranfield University. Nicola’s current role draws extensively on her previous experience and she is happy to speak to anyone who would like further information on either of her current programmes. Email:; tel: 01223 748089.


Ms Zoe McIntyre
Ms McIntyre is a Translational Project Manager in the OTR. She is involved in the establishment and management of several collaborative projects. With a background in biomedical science and five years’ experience in the coordination and management of academic clinical research, Zoe has particular expertise in the area of research study set-up and operational overview at all stages of the project life cycle. She is happy to help researchers with project planning and costing, document development, grant applications and submissions to Research Ethics Committees, as well as project management on an ongoing basis.  Email: 








Ms Ewa Czekaj
Ms Czekaj is Assistant Project Manager/Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead. She manages the AIM HY Consortium and co-ordinates PPI and PPE activities of the OTR’s projects. Previously, Ewa was providing administrative support for all members of OTR, managing websites, as well as taking care of the logistics for a portfolio of projects run by the OTR. She was also responsible for organising meetings and arranging events related to industry and academic collaborations.

Email:; tel: 01223 748091


Ms Cathy MacLean

Cathy MacLean is a Translational Research Project Manager in the OTR. With a background in Clinical Laboratory Science, and later an MBA in Health Services Management, Cathy has many years of experience working in the field of clinical research. She has also completed several courses in project management, including both the Foundation and Practitioner level of PRINCE2. Cathy has managed clinical trials and research studies at local, national, and international levels, across multiple therapeutic areas, and engaged with stakeholders at all levels of the project process including funding bodies, pharmaceutical and non-commercial sponsors, regulatory authorities, ethics committees, clinical research networks, local R&D departments, and clinical staff.

Email:; Tel: 01223 748091


Dr Cathy Boucher

Dr Cathy Boucher is a Translational Research Programme Manager in the OTR. She primarily manages the MRC IAA (formerly MRC CiC) programme, supports the drafting of funding applications to NIHR, MRC and other translational research funding bodies and provides project management services. Prior to joining the OTR, she worked in the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences and focused on supporting early stage translational research in drug discovery, cell & gene therapy, diagnostics, medical devices and biologics development. She was an open innovation consultant for several years and has experience in managing technology landscape, IP analysis and market opportunity projects. Cathy is also a mentor on the University of Cambridge i-Teams programme.

Email 01223 748089



Dr Beatrix Kiddle

Dr Beatrix (Bea) Kiddle is a Translational Research Project Manager in the OTR. Upon completing a postdoc within University of Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry, Bea changed lanes to scientific projects and operations coordination of clinical studies of dementia. Her particular expertise lays in management of collaborative projects involving academic, healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions, as well providing operational support to senior PI. Having completed Foundation & Practitioner PRINCE 2 certification, she moved to OTR to capitalise on her previous experiences and education to successfully project-manage translational research.

Email:; Tel: 01223 760684


Dr Luis Pennanen

Luis Pennanen recently joined the OTR as Translational Project Manager. After his PhD in Molecular Neurosciences from the University of Zurich he spent five years as a postdoc in San Francisco (UCSF, USA) before moving to Germany where he coordinated and managed different projects at research institutes (German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases) and universities (strategy advisor in the President's Office at the University of Hohenheim). Prior to joining the University of Cambridge Luis worked for over four years as Centre Coordinator in the Entrepreneurship Centre at Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences supporting early-stage start-up projects in state funding programs.

Email:; Tel: 01223 748091

Dr Amanda Fuller

Dr Amanda Fuller is a programme and project manager specialising in medical device development. Amanda is currently working with the drug delivery devices teams within the IRC for Targeted Delivery to Hard-to-Treat Cancers. Amanda has previous industry experience of managing medical product developments within a regulatory framework. She can assist with technical file creation, risk management and project management.




Ms Glenda Harden
Ms Glenda Harden is a Research Administrator in the OTR, managing secretarial and administration duties for the OTR’s events and projects.  She has much experience working as a PA/Secretary in academia and industry including the National Environmental Research Council, having worked as a Project Administrator with the British Antarctic Survey.  She has extensive experience organising meetings and arranging events at an academic level.  Glenda spent time abroad working as PA for BHP Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited in Melbourne, BHP is one of the world’s largest mining companies in Australia.



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