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Office for Translational Research


Types of industry interactions



Cambridge is renowned for its wealth of cutting-edge expertise and world-class facilities. However, identifying the unique combination of individuals, industry and infrastructure essential to driving your project forward can be a major barrier to initiating your translational project.  

The Office for Translational Research (OTR) specialises in supporting the translation of research findings from their basic biological, biomedical or clinical research findings into practical human health benefits by connecting the right people, with the right facilities, at the right time. 
Our deep understanding of the local medical, educational and industrial landscape and our established Cambridge network and knowledge base allow us to function as your broker of expertise, helping to identify the best route for your research and to manage your partnerships and collaborations.
We are effectively internal consultants providing expert advice to help projects progress, which involves:

  • Introduction to collaborators with suitable expertise within the University of Cambridge/Cambridge NHS Trusts, possibly through AIMdays.
  • Identification of eligible joint funding programmes/streams and assistance with application
  • Development and support of large strategic translational/industrial initiatives or bids
  • Set-up and management of translational research projects 
  • Development and recruitment of high-quality students to support your research eg. MPhil/PhD/ACL at pre-clinical stage or at Experimental Medicine level
  • Interaction with Cambridge Enterprise for the creation of spin-outs, seed funds and licensing opportunities.

We also create opportunities for scientific discussion and networking between partners to identify potential collaborative projects and unmet research needs via workshops, symposia and face-to-face meetings.