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Office for Translational Research



An Academic Industry Meeting Day (AIMday) offers a unique opportunity for companies to discuss and share problems with academic experts in small-group discussion. This gives industry partners and researchers the assurance that the topics addressed will be of genuine interest, while also providing the opportunity to gain fresh insights, meet potential collaborators and grow a network. Our first AIMday was on 13 May 2019 on the theme of Hearing and Acoustics, please find out more here.

"A simple but ingenious measure – to let representatives from organizations define the agenda by submitting questions that they want to discuss with university’s scientists – forms the basis of the successful AIMday concept. The idea originated within the Ångström Materials Academy at Uppsala University, which arranged its first Materials Day in 2008." You can read more about the history of AIMday here. These are the most frequently asked questions:

Please contact us if you’d like more information on running an AIMday in Cambridge.