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Office for Translational Research


Academic Clinical Lecturers


Dr Claire Connell
Activating an Immune Response to Pancreatic Cancer

Dr Filipe Correia Martins

Molecular stratification of high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) and new targeted therapies

Dr Marie Fisk

Investigating the role of specialised pro-resolving mediators in respiratory disease

Dr Emma Hodson

The study of carotid body in acclimatisation to hypoxia as a paradigm for understanding neurogenic hypertension

Dr Akhilesh Jha

Genetic determinants and epigenetic mechanisms of mucosal innate immune responses to respiratory infection in health and disease

Dr Rona Smith

Optimisation of the use of immunomodulatory biological agents in autoimmune disease



PhD students


Dr Hannah Buckley

Preoperative short-course stereotactic radiotherapy combined with immunotherapy and DDR inhibitors in operable pancreatic carcinoma: Window of opportunity feasibility studies

Dr James Goodman

Cardiovascular effects of incretins

Dr Seerapani Gopaluni

An evaluation of the feasibility of using percutaneous core needle biopsy examination of inguinal lymph nodes to investigate disease pathogenesis, response to therapy and relapse risk in ANCA-associated vasculitis

Dr Toby Humphrey

Novel approaches to the emergency management of hyperkalaemia

Dr Constanza Linossi
Characterisation of the immunological landscape of oesophageal adenocarcinoma in relation to emerging immuno-oncology treatment options

Dr James Mackay
Advanced MR imaging in osteoarthritis

Dr Audrey Melvin
Human genetics and physiology as tools for target validation in common metabolic disease

Dr Petra Sulentic
A series of pilot studies to evaluate haemodynamic and metabolic effects of Apelin and Relaxin in healthy, overweight/obese subjects and Type 2 diabetics

Dr Arlette Vassallo
Effect of differential TNF receptor signalling on human neutrophils

Dr Elizabeth Wlodek
Targeted epigenetic modifiers and human monocyte/macrophage function

Dr Takahiro Yamamoto
Quantitative systems models of human CV physiology