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Office for Translational Research



Ancestry and biological Informative Markers for stratification of Hypertension (The AIM HY Study) is a stratified medicine consortium grant, funded by Medical Research Council and British Heart Foundation. It involves 26 investigators over 11 institutions in the UK and US.

AIM HY will investigate whether genetic markers of ancestry (which predict the proportion of a person’s ancestors from Europe, Asia and Africa), combined with detailed information about the chemical makeup of their blood, can predict the best type of drug or combination of drugs for that person.

The ultimate aim is to deliver personalised treatment for high blood pressure, based on a single blood test that captures the genetic and other biological factors that determine how an individual will respond. This should reduce the number of consultations; the time required to achieve optimal blood pressure control and contribute to better hypertension control in the UK. You can find out more about this initiative here.