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Office for Translational Research



Clinical Trials Programme

This programme is led by Prof Ian Wilkinson (Professor of Therapeutics, University of Cambridge) and is focused on providing expert guidance and support to the emerging Sunway Medical Clinical Research Centre (CRC). It is intended that the CRC will become a leader in clinical research in South East Asia while developing capacity to conduct clinical trials.


Visiting Leaders Programme

Led by Prof Andrew McCaskie (Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Cambridge), the aim of this programme is to promote exchange of specialist academic knowledge between colleagues at the University of Cambridge, Sunway Medical Centre and Sunway University. The aim is to create and facilitate opportunities for productive collaborative research between the organisations.


Education and Training Programme

Dr Arun Gupta (Director of Postgraduate Education, Cambridge University Health Partners) is leading this programme, which aims to support Sunway in its ambition to become a leading centre for medical research and education in South East Asia. The Collaboration is identifying opportunities where it can positively impact education and training to enhance skills and knowledge in clinical and non-clinical students and staff.


RCP-Sunway-Cambridge seminars

A fourth significant strand of activity has developed in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), hosted by Sunway and focusing on Continuing Medical Education (CME) for clinicians in Malaysia. This strand draws on combined expertise within the RCP, the University of Cambridge and Sunway to deliver generalist and specialist medical seminars in Malaysia promoting CME and knowledge exchange between clinicians from each of the contributing organisations. This strand is being led by Prof Sibrandes Poppema (President, Sunway University) on behalf of the Cambridge-Sunway Collaboration.