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Office for Translational Research

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Success on SBRI grant following MRC CiC

14 November 2019

Congratulation to Geoff Moggridge on obtaining an SBRI Healthcare award to develop the next generation of transcatheter aortic valve implantation device, featuring excellent durability/hemocompatibility with reduced failure, thrombosis and calcification rates, manufactured entirely from biocompatible synthetic block...

Event: The Future of Healthcare Innovations - 14 November

31 October 2019

Healthcare Event, 14th Nov 2019, 16:30–20:00 Maxwell Centre. Talk by Andy Richards, followed by a panel discussion about “Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Mental Health”. UEZ- Greater Cambridge Health Tech Connect

MRC DPFS Award Success

29 October 2019

Congratulation to Mark Toshner on obtaining an MRC DPFS award to carry out a clinical trial on pulmonary arterial hypertension caused by mutations in BMPR2. The OTR assisted Mark for the second round of the application. Sept 2019.